Crying over lucky charms

Tonight, my roommate came to me in tears.  She has lost a special K-pop charm that was on her necklace.  I offered to drive her to campus so we could look for it where she was last, but we weren't able to find it.  She kept saying "It's bad luck.  It's bad luck." I lose things all the time.  My keys, my ID card, my phone... those are the essentials for regular function.  But what about those things that are absolutely necessary? We all have that lucky item that we keep in our pockets for an added sense of security. For me, it's one of the first gifts I got from my boyfriend - an Eco-Citizen watch.

Seems materialistic, but I like to think of it as a reminder that there is someone out there who cares immensely that I know what time it is for every second of the day.  If I forget, I'm missing that part of me.

So, is there a K-pop charm in your life that is absolutely essential to the success of your day?