Are teachers obsolete?

Source: Wikipedia Researcher Sugata Mitra proposes an intriguing notion in his recent TED Talk: School in a Cloud, a virtual network "where children can explore and learn from each other."

The first thoughts that come to my mind are about my past and recent teachers - how I would be in college and pursuing higher education without my teachers and mentors throughout the years is something that I am extremely grateful for.  Yes, I've had some really horrible teachers in the past but I think in general, I've had a good experience within the education system.

However, the idea that children are taking initiative and learning by themselves is not only an astounding thing, but a very empowering thing.  It's also an individualized way of learning and processing information, allowing people to learn at their own pace and to learn what they want to learn - learning in a community setting can be very difficult sometimes because it might be hard to keep up or hard to feel enthusiastic about the subjects that we "need to know."

Watch the Ted Talk here and let me know what you think about it.