Weekender's Choice | Cheers, San Diego!

The end is near... here are the highlights of my weekend.

1. ATLA Marathon Round 2: Legend of Korra

Stanley and Appa

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked... Stanley and I finally finished "Avatar: the Last Airbender," and are making our way through the sequel to the series, titled "The Legend of Korra."  It's only 12 episodes long, and as of now, we have on the season finale to finish.  After watching the two series in a row, it's pretty clear that LOK was only meant to be a special, stand-alone series for ATLA fans.  I am excited to see what they are going to do with the next book.

2.Tacos El Gordo

It was 1am in Pacific Beach and our group of friends decided to call it a night.  Our usual stop for food after a night of drinking would be Santana's a.k.a. Fresh MXN, which has a pretty mean surf and turf burrito.  This night, we decided to switch it up a bit and go to Tacos El Gordo.  I had heard the name before and my friend, Chris, was especially excited to go.  After a twenty minute drive, I was starting to think that I wanted my usual La Paz with horchata.  But when we got there, it was packed.  I told Chris to order two of whatever he got and then I went to the bathroom.  I came back to twelve little carnitas tacos, all of which were on separate little paper plates.  I'm not a big meat eater, so at first, I was a bit overwhelmed.  But it was some great food.  I did not eat all of them, but I will definitely be making a trip back there someday.

3. Shop shop shop


There's nothing like some retail therapy to forget about finals, get excited for graduation, and spend some quality time with my kapatid.

4. Let's go to the beach, beach


I woke up Sunday morning really wanting to spend some time outside.  Kayla and Jessette and I went to Mission Beach.  It was packed - families, tourists, students, bums - you name them, they were probably there.  Not really the peaceful afternoon I was looking for, but it was fun people watching with these two.

5. Last Mass at Founder's Chapel

I didn't realize it until Sunday morning, but I would be going to my last Mass at Founder's Chapel as an undergraduate.  I decided not to be a part of the choir - it ended up being a good choice, because once the entrance song started to play, I started to cry.  So much has happened in that space.  I saw the Choral Scholars perform there on my first visit there, I would go to Mass for Peace there every Wednesday as a first year, I have sung there, I've cried there more times than I can count.  It's bittersweet.