The Weekenders | Graduation Edition

The past week has been full of so much love, hope, excitement, friendship, and tears.  It's hard to choose just five, but here goes.

1. Disneyland


It was a post-finals party with Betty, Carol, and Stanley at the Happiest Place on Earth.  I have been to Disneyland at least 8 times in my whole life - this was one of the most memorable times.  Disneyland is making some changes to their look and programming and it makes it really worth every penny.  Another post coming soon about our trip!

2. Pilipino Graduation a.k.a P-Grad

FUSO sent off their seniors with a bang at a celebration of their accomplishments and impact on FUSO and its members.  This organization sparked in me something very powerful - a recognition of my true self.  Without it, I would have been miserable during my time at USD, and I am so grateful for everything it has given me.


Anthony wrote a beautiful speech about me, and I hope I can live up to his and the rest of FUSO's expectations for me.  It was an honor and a privilege.  

3. Baccalaureate Mass

Being one of the four senior cantors for the undergraduate Baccalaureate Mass was so thrilling - hearing my voice echo through the Jenny Craig Pavilion was astonishing and powerful.  It's an experience I will never forget (more likely due to the fact that my dad recorded it and has been showing it off non-stop).

I will miss singing at Founder's Chapel immensely.  It has been such a sacred space for me and my peers - a home.  

4. Commencement


Betty, Stanley, and I were all seated near to each other.  After the ceremony, we stood up and huddled together and just smiled at each other.  Turning our tassels from one side to another was such a weird ritual, but it symbolizes so much.  It was the last time I'd see a lot of my friends, and I felt like crying, but everyone was so happy.  

5. Last Moments

Betty, Carol, and Stanley and I just fooled around as we packed up the rest of our things in our room.  

Stanley said loudly that he had literally packed nothing, while Betty sat on the floor in front of her suitcase trying to fit her clothes inside with a small box covered with a tied plastic bag.  Carol was sitting at the table on her Macbook.  Micah came wearing a black wife beater (it was the only clean shirt he had, according to him) and helped Stanley take the trash out.

These are the things I'm gonna miss and the moments I'm gonna remember.  Just sitting around our room talking about nothing, yelling at each other because we can, and trying to find food to eat.  It's not significant, but it's special to me.  


So concludes my graduation weekend in a nutshell!  Here's to more moments and memories.  

See you next weekend!