The Summer Before the Rest of my Life

Last week, I delved into the job hunt.  Here are the numbers so far:

  • It's been days.
  • I have emailed 12 people about potential jobs and internships and submitted 3 job applications.
  • In response, I have gotten 4 phone calls and 2 emails.
  • I have driven 180 miles for a job interview in Santa Monica.
  • I have 1 internship interview lined up for this week and am waiting for callback.

Currently, I have volunteered to be a social media intern for Girls Rock SB and a cantor at a local parish.  On top of this, I recently had a job interview in which the interviewer informed me that there would be a training period of 6 months in New Jersey.  It's kind of exactly what I wanted.  I'd be able to move to somewhere new, living in a small apartment somewhere, and learn how to take care of myself.  It could complete one of my scenarios.

But as I think about the possibility of moving to New Jersey, my recent interview experience with a rude Craigslist employer, my recent commitments here with Girls Rock and church, and my plans for the summertime, I start to feel very overwhelmed.  I feel as though I am trying to move 100 miles and hour while summertime requires a slower rate of speed.  In 7 days, I have been in contact with six different people so that I could build up my summer schedule, not including friends and family.  I have made promised to two organizations for my time, and a lot of plans with friends for summer plans.  There's lots to do, and what if I have to move to New Jersey next week?  What will happen to those commitments and plans?

In the past 7 days, I have learned a lot already.  I have learned that I need to live out each day with every intention to succeed.  I have learned that there is a great pasta place just a bit out of Downtown Santa Monica.  I have also learned that good things come to those who wait and to those who seek those things.

These commitments and plans are fleeting opportunities, and I need to grab them whenever I can - whether that be a career opportunity or a fun opportunity.  This summer is full of possibility and all plans never go the way I see them going - I just need to keep waiting and looking for those things.