Dear Dad

IMG_6424 Dear Dad,

Thank you.  You do so much for us.  I cannot imagine how life would have turned out without you in it.

Thank you for being our driver anywhere and everywhere even if I could see your eyelids drooping in the rearview mirror.  Even if I or Mom offered to drive you wouldn't let us.

Thank you for the nickname Frankerooski.  And for all the nicknames you've given to everyone in our family (i.e. Niks the Deeks, Lex the Tex, and other rhymes of the sort). It makes us feel special and loved and part of something.

Thank you for all the movie nights, even when we watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" with the traumatizing sex scenes and the traumatizing almost-murder scene and the thrills.

Thank you for teaching me to listen to mom because she's usually right.  Thanks for teaching me how to take care of my car.  Thanks for teaching me how to properly walk on someone's back.

Thanks for believing in me and thank you for all of your love.