The French Press, Santa Barbara

The French Press, Santa Barbara Yesterday, my mom and I ventured out on our first assignment in our mission to drink good coffee and eat pastries.  At the top of our list of cafes to try was The French Press, a locally-owned cafe which lives up to its namesake - every cup is made-to-order with a french press.  At their State Street location, there is always a long line spilling out of the front doors of the cafe.

Instead of going to the State street location, we opted for the less-crowded Anacapa Street location.  We ordered two lattes and two homemade pastries - a lemon-blueberry buckle, which is a sort of coffee cake, and a chocolate chip cookie.  Everything was delicious and the espresso was really flavorful, without the bitter part.

You don't need to tell me twice that we should nix the coffeemaker at home.