To Inspiration

IMG_9375 Inspiration Point is a local hiking destination, popular for the breathtaking view of the American Riviera.  Myself and a couple of friends trekked up to the spot early this week, but the view was blocked by a healthy marine layer.  We sat and stared at the fog and wondered if we would be able to see anything if we waited a couple of hours, attempting to gather up the fog as it passed us.





We wasted no time on our way up there, but we meandered down, stopping to try and identify some wild bushes and to take pictures of cup-like spider webs.  The fog made everything look mysterious.  I especially loved the way that the towers looked in the fog - it looks like people are communicating between dimensions.


It's definitely a hike I recommend for locals and out-of-towners alike. It's a pretty easy hike, just under 2 miles, and there's always a pretty view, no matter if there is fog or not.

You can see more of my pictures at Flickr.