Baking Adventures: Double Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies from "How Sweet It Is"

IMG_0035I've been collecting recipes for all kinds of meals and desserts (mostly desserts though) to hone my skills for future cooking and baking.  This weekend, I decided to start with this recipe for Double Chocolate Cheescake Cookies from a cute little blog called How Sweet it Is. The recipe was really simple - no complicated instructions.  The dough was a little bit sticky when it was all mixed together, but there were instructions to chill it in the refridgerator for about fifteen minutes.  After that, it was easy to work with and, with the help of a cookie dough scooper, I was able to plate everything out nicely to bake.

IMG_0021So I got the little poop balls into the oven and waited.  The instructed cooking time is 10-15 minutes.  I usually try to under-bake my  cookies because I prefer them chewy so I started at 10 minutes.  I stuck a fork in the cookies in the middle of the sheet at the 10 minutes mark, but they were seemingly under-cooked, as some chocolate dough had come up with the fork.

I tried another 5 minutes and then stuck the fork in again, hoping that they weren't hard.  The cookie wasn't hard, but there was still dough coming up for some reason.   Then I figured out that the fork was bringing up melted chocolate from the chocolate chips in the batter - so then I was worried that they were overcooked.

Fortunately, they still were quite soft after cooling.  I whipped up the mascarpone frosting (I actually didn't know what mascarpone cheese was until I made the frosting) and piped them on and the cookies tasted pretty good.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure they turned out quite right.

In the pictures on the blog, they seem a lot more chewy and melty and fudge-y.  Mine are a bit more dry and ... heavier.  They act like brownies.

Also, I'm not sure I taste the cheesecake in these double chocolate cheesecake cookies.  I mostly taste chocolate.  The mascarpone frosting helps cut the chocolate taste a bit, so I'm glad I decided to add it.

It's definitely not a bad thing.  Too much chocolate, I mean.  Next time, I just may add more cream cheese and less chocolate.