I'm Going to College! (Again!)

If you have talked to me or read my blog in the past few months, you may already know that I was applying to several programs to get a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing.

I applied to around 10 schools was accepted to maybe half of them, some with funding, some without.  

After several weeks of pure anxiety and lots of tears/dehydration, I made the decision to go to CSU Long Beach.  Yay! 

Pre-maturely, I may have told some people I had accepted an offer from The New School in New York.  I really did want to go to school there!  Despite the fact that I would eventually deal with the ramifications of moving to such an expensive city for a degree that does not guarantee me a career or job (but what degree does nowadays?) and despite the fact that going to New York also meant moving away from family (something which I was not emotionally or financially totally prepared for), I was ready to take the plunge! 

However, an offer from CSU Long Beach was made and it was hard to ignore.  It would be cheaper and I would not have to move so far away.  And after visiting the school, I had to agree that the quality of the degree would be the same between the two universities (just in different ways).    

Some advice from my fiction teacher at USD helped me quite a lot.  She asked me to think about what my goals were in getting my degree, and my answers were: 

  1. To become a better writer 
  2. To make strong connection with faculty and students in my program AND in the literary community (which is not so centralized in New York according to some) 
  3. To spend as little money as possible

I know that the writing program at CSU Long Beach will allow me to accomplish these things and am so excited to get started.

Someday, I still would like to try and live a writer's life in New York (because if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere), and now I can do that debt-free!

Until then, you Southern Californians will have to deal with me for a little bit longer.